Samsung Moisture Sensor Battery


Brand new hub, brand new Samsung Moisture Sensor, brand new user.

I initialised the hub and one moisture sensor 4 days ago and the battery is already showing 75%. Originally it showed 100%. Any ideas?

I have just accepted the hub's default Zigbee drivers. The device is about 5m away from the hub through a wooden floor and sitting on the concrete floor in the laundry room.

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First thing to understand is that battery level reporting can be hit or miss. Your device might sit at 75% for the next 9 months... Or, it might truly be draining quickly...:wink:

One thing I would recommend is that you establish a strong Zigbee mesh network by adding some devices that act as Zigbee repeaters. The IKEA Tradfri Outlet or IKEA Zigbee Repeater are both low cost choices that are popular and are well behaved. Others like the Securifi Peanut Plug which also works well. Samsung/SmartThings outlets are another option.

Having a repeater nearby may help your device use less zigbee radio power.

Thanks, I'll have a look at those repeaters: most of my phase 1 devices are going to go down in the basement with at least the floor and one wall to the Hubitat. I guess I will have to be patient and see if the battery continues to drop. Today it is the same as yesterday!

I use these sensors and some did the rapid drop a day of installing and others didn't. When I un-joined and rejoined the sensor the battery showed 100% again. As stated previously battery reporting is fickle in these devices.

Thanks for confirming that :slight_smile:

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