Samsung M3 Speakers

Has anyone been able to pair this up to Hubitat yet?

They are Wi-Fi, with an undocumented api, I have several m5 or m7 units, but have not seen yet if they use upnp/dlna, if they do, they may be possible to support.

I have (1) M3 that I use for all announcements and then leverage my Sonos network for everything else. Since Sonos API is so fragile within ST I didn’t want to have BigTalker announcing on the Sonos which in turn stops the music from playing. Hope you have success connecting the M1 and M5’s up.

Has any updates happened to Hubitat to enable this? I have no idea where to even attempt this. I really am in need for my Samsung M3 to be a part of Hubitat. I am very close to having my home completely move off of ST.

Have you looked at mediaRenderer?
This may discover your Samsung speakers and allow them to be used in HE

Worth a try.


Got directed here:

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