Samsung HW-Q70T Soundbar

Just got a new soundbar and (not surprisingly) the TV can control its volume via HDMI VolUp/VolDown commands, but can't read/set the absolute volume level. So my existing rule to reset the TV volume to something reasonable when turned on no longer works.

However -- Samsung Soundbar, so the new SmartThings app can control it directly. Is there an easy way to get comparable control exposed into Hubitat? I see some community projects around Samsung speakers, but they appear to be from an older generation of speaker that used a different app. Tried installing, but it doesn't see mine.

I think I am in the same boat with my N850. The newer ones use a special network and @djgutheinz has made a good integration for those. There is one for a Samsung TV that allows similar connection and feature as the ST side, but I have yet to be able to connect my soundbar.

For what it's worth, I realized that the integration I wanted could be achieved with cloud-only SmartThings. So I removed my long-gone hub from my SmartThings account and set up the automation there.

I'd prefer to have everything in Hubitat if possible, but I can be flexible.

In the same boat. ST hub is gone but I still have samsung soundbar, Leviosa blinds, and Samsung TV in ST cloud. Reality if the only one I really "need" to come over is the blinds!

All of these can be done with an interface to Hubitat <-> SmartThings cloud API. I don't have all the devices, but have been successful in other integrations with user support. It is really not that difficult, just several steps in starting.

Additionally, for the Soundbar, you could try my current driver and see what control commands (if any) work. Quick test and is totally local - but may not work.

Yeah tried the Soundbar and did not work with the multiroom code. Not a big deal really. The TV I got to work and you were playing with the refrigerator since its on a dongle. Thanks!

I now have the ST version of the driver. Finished yesterday.

Code Location:

  • Instructions: Test-Code/HubitatSmartThingDataCollection.pdf
  • NOTE: First page is actually the Second Page in this pdf. Error creating.
  • This will tell you how to get the SmartThings API key and how to select the device ID for the driver. I do not need the output unless you have issues.
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Soundbar is good. Thank you sir! Do you have a donations page somewhere?


No. But feel free to contribute to the charity of your choice (in your name) or completing one act of kindness to a stranger. Dave


I am down to pay it forward. In fact was on my way to help out a vet.... Cheers sir!

May I ask how you are exposing input selection in a dashboard (I'm currently setting up standard Hubitat Dashboard and trying to create a tile that will let me select from a list of inputs(


It can not be readily done. I created the command toggleInputSource that will toggle through the inputs on your device. I would then create a button interface where the press executes that command. Then integrate that button onto the dashboard.

was this code removed? i'm also looking for a way to control this exact same model of soundbar

Got deleted. No one ever responded back if it worked. Just reloaded:

Install Instructions: HubitatActive/Install_Samsung_Appliance.pdf at master · DaveGut/HubitatActive · GitHub

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This appears to be working, which makes me very happy. Thanks!

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Did you try audio notification or TTS. I can not test that on my soundbar due to format issues between Amazon tts and the soundbar. Had to code a upnp command and go to an external website to enable.

i attempted to use the Play Text command but it didnt work. error message:

Samsung Soundbar: [playNotification: [cmd: playTrack, uri: [:], volume: 12, status: [status:FAILED, httpCode:Timeout, status code: 422, reason phrase: Unprocessable Entity]]

log says it tried the "playTrack" command. is that supposed to happen or did something get mixed up?