Samsung GP-WOU019BBDWG Power Monitoring

Can anyone show me a "Rule" that say turns on another plug when the power increased and turns off that Same plug when it decreases.

My train of thought.
TV turns on (in Samsung plug)
Turns on speakers plugged in normal smart plug.

I'm sure I've seen something for this recently, at least in an RM rule, I'll see what I can find....

Maybe something like:

Trigger events: Power level of TV Plug reports >= 30 W

Actions to run:

Turn on: Speaker Plug
Wait for condition: Power level of TV Plug  <= 10 W --> duration: 0:01:00
Off: Speaker Plug (and TV Plug?)

You may need to adjust those wattage values to suit what your device actually reports when in use and when not. You may also need to adjust the duration on my "Wait for condition." I put 1 minute there just because I assume there might be times when you either accidentally turn the TV off or perhaps it briefly dips below that value during regular use for some reason. Feel free to increase that or remove it entirely and make it a "Wait for event" instead if you want it to happen instantly.

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