Samsung Buttons

I recently bought two of the Samsung Buttons and am having an issue with them. I have two of these and both are setup using the Hubitat button controllers app to toggle on/off a Hue group of 3 bulbs. They work great except......if it's been a while since someone pressed one, they act as if they were pressed twice and then start working correctly again afterwards until some time has passed and then they do the same thing again. Example: if the lights are on and I press the button, the first time the lights will turn off and then they will turn back on again and if they are off, they will turn on and then turn back off again. Subsequent button presses work correctly until the buttons are left alone for a while. I also have some Iris Buttons in the house and I do not have this issue with them, only with these new Samsung Buttons. I tried adding the double tap to the button controller app so that it works the same as the single tap but this does not help. Any suggestions on how to fix this issue would be appreciated!

I know this was mentioned somewhere else but for the life of me I can't find the thread.

I have noticed this as well recently. I don't know if it was always the case because I did not use these for lighting until now. I added one to replace a Securifi Almond button my son uses to toggle a night light in his bedroom. Ever since I added it the light always toggles twice if it hasn't been used in a while. After that it works fine.

The funny thing is....this is the exact same issue with the Almond buttons and I coded around it in the driver for smartthings and hubitat. Just my luck....I don't have access to the code for this driver but I'm hoping the HE team is on the case...if only I could find that thread.

@mike.maxwell any update on this issue?

I use advanced button controller and I haven't run into this. I only have one samsung button, and have it perform 3 tasks. Try that program and see if the behavior can be duplicated with that one. Just a suggestion.

@april.brandt it's not an app issue but a device/driver issue. When the button device sleeps, the first time it is tapped, it sends 2 pushed events. It's probably firmware related and may not be present in all devices out there. I may take it to my dad's place and pair it to the ST hub overnight and see if it pushes a fw update to it.

So then I should be experiencing the same? I've never had it paired up to smartthings either. I'm not experiencing this behavior. It's in my office, so it goes 8-10 hours or better before it's pressed. I've been running them for a few weeks now.

Not necessarily...if your device is a different fw version that ours, then you may not see the same issues. It depends on when the button was manufactured.

where can i find that?

I dont think we can using HE. It would probably have to be paired to an ST hub to see the version.

That kind of sucks. Would be a nice feature to have in HE. I have a smartthings hub. I could probably pair it up and see what happens with it and the version if it'll help you solve this?

I still have my ST hub running (one Yale door lock I can't get to pair secure with Hubitat) so I may try this also.


If you do pair it to ST, please document the current firmware of the button and then if it does update...please also document the new firmware version. This way we can share the details with others who might have the same problem.

@april.brandt, I'm not sure I would recommend that...after all it could be an issue with a newer fw that introduced the problem. Thanks for offering but you might end up regretting that offer :grinning:

I will do that and post any findings. It was a recent buy so if I can't get a fix, I'll take them back.

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I haven't had it all that long. Not impossible that it is on an old firmware version like you say. But how could I regret helping? I have you to fix it. :slight_smile: If there's anything I can do to help, please reach out.

I found the previous thread and there have been some updates since I read it last. Looks like there is promise that the firmware upgrade fixes this.


So far so good after letting SmartThings update the firmware. It's been problem free since 12/23.
My issue was it was falling to wake up after about three days of use. Reseating the battery would temporarily fix it.

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Did you have the multiple pushed events issue as well?

And do you know what versions you moved to/from?

Apparently there is a firmware update. I'll leave them on ST until they are updated and switch them back to Hubitat after. I'll post my findings afterwards. Below is what shows in ST. Same info for both of my buttons.

  • Current Version: 0x0000000B
  • Target Version: 0x00000011
  • Last Updated: N/A
  • Last Checked: 2018-12-29 2:23 PM CST

I don't think I had multiple events.
I didn't take much note as to the version I updated to. I want to say there was a 4 that it ended in and now it ends in 11...
Sorry. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit: 0x00000011
Looks right.

Well, this is strange. Here's what I have after letting ST update the firmware and putting the buttons back on Hubitat. Hubitat recognized both of them as Generic Moisture Sensors instead of Samsung Buttons. Prior to the firmware update they recognized correctly. After changing the driver to the correct one for both, they do work though. However, what I have now is that one is working without issue but the other is still sending double commands as before.

I have noticed when the samsung devices change firmware, they do not maintain the previous ordering of the available clusters, this breaks our fingerprinting...
So when an updated samjin pairs as a device, please post the complete fingerprint so I can update the relevant driver.