Samotech motion sensor

HI all,
Just received my Hubitat hub today and setting up my samples,

Does anyone have code for the samotech motion sensor? Or point me in the correction


I've never heard of that one but did some searching. If you have the Zigbee model (it appears there's also a wifi one--probably out of luck for that one unless there's a documented API), one of the drivers like "Generic Zigbee Motion Sensor" should work. Change to this driver under "Type" on the device page, hit Save, then hit Configure. It might work with this.

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I just go one, seem to work OK but no battery reporting yet, how is yours working with the generic drive

Did you get it working? My hub can see the sensor but I can’t get it working. I’ve tried setting the device type as generic motion sensor but still nothing.

No I couldn’t get it to work so sent it back and got a ST sensor which works well

I have two of these working fine on the generic ZigBee motion sensor driver. But they do not report battery as stated earlier.

I reset it and clicked configure and it now works though it doesn’t report the light level either. My Philips Hue is the best motion sensor I’ve used so far as my Xiaomi sensors keep losing connection.

I can use the Hue light level for all the light automations fortunately.

Don't believe these motion sensors have light level.

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SAME! I have the same ZERO Battery reading - Has anyone found a better driver?

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