Salus SQ610-Drive


Somebody have solutions for Salus SQ610-DRIVE, please help me.


I have a feeling the answer is no, searching only found dead-end threads with no resolution.

I assume you’ve tried the generic zigbee thermostat?

I tried but didn't work.
I don't understand why hubitat integrated frol Salus only the SP600 driver.

Usually one device is chosen over another because someone had that device and therefore had a) a motive to do it and b) a way to test the results. Or maybe your model wasn't out at the time

So the only reason I bought Hubitat it's was this thermostat. My only chance it's somebody with programming skills to perform this cod. Addervis a west of money:(

Yeah, best to check what drivers are available before making the purchase really. I can understand you're disappointed.

Exactly, I check but in list you have the company name, not the driver, I'm mechanical not software, maybe one person with software knowledge check dipper.