Safety Monitor Disarm Issues

I'm constantly having issues with disarming HSM when the alarm sets off the sirens. Additionally, today 11/08 at about 12:00pm, the sirens just randomly went off and I couldn't get them to shut off through the dashboard. The sirens are told to "silence after 30 seconds" in HSM which is why I think they shut off, but in the logs, there doesn't seem to be any intrusions detected and the system was on disarm anyway.

I have a rule set to disarm the system when a virtual button is pressed and I have that button on my dashboard as well. Seems to rarely work or there is a massive delay.

Dashboard Setup with HSM Monitor and Virtual Button
Screen Shot 2022-11-08 at 12.42.08 PM

System Logs


Virtual Button For Dashboard Disarm

Log showing button being pressed

Rule Used to Disarm

When was this instance of HSM installed. I have had a few occasions i have needed to remove it and re install and set it up to get things working right.

I would also question how much activity do you have happening when the alarm is triggered. Sometimes the alarm going off can be a rather system intensive task if you configured allot of actions to be triggered based on the event.

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Hi, Thanks for your reply. HSM has been installed for quite some time, I believe I did the update right before I posted this thread though. I can try removing it and reinstalling it to see if I have better luck.

As for the activity, I have it setting off 3 sirens and switching on a couple lights at the shop... not much activity IMO.

In regards to the most recent event which set this thread off, there are no alerts in the logs at 12pm.. just logs of me trying to silence the system. Seems a bit unusual to randomly set off the alarm without anything being set and no activity to set it off.

Also noticing HSM showing "intrusion" but no recent events and I can't clear it.

That's its normal disarmed message for intrusion monitoring. You can also set up HSM to monitor other things like smoke alarms and batteries, and each will use its own labels for armed and disarmed.

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