S2 yes or no

I have S2 on all of my devices, but the Inovelli switches really suck on the network. Delays, terrible topology, etc. That leads me to should I use S2 or not? Does it cause more problems than it solves? Is security on switches really an issue?

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Do I need to remove and re-add each device to drop the S2.

Just for learning purposes can you give some insight as to why you suggest not?


S2 adds additional traffic to the radio and some devices with outdated firmware have big problems communicating with the hub introducing significant latency in the network. Going through the process of updating device firmware is risky, and onerous, and in some cases the latest firmware may not correct the S2 problem. If device is not a lock or garage door, having device encrypted may cause more problems than gaining any benefits.


I had all my Inovelli switches with S2 security and saw a noticeable improvement when I re-paired them all to no security. It is a bit of work, but worth it!

Be sure that you don’t have any of them setup with SmartStart (via the app) at S2 as this will prevent them to pair without security. I spent hours trying to figure out why one of my Inovelli Red Dimmers would automatically pair with S2 security, only to find out it was setup there…


One of the reasons I remove the SmartStart entry immediately after a succesful pairing.


I just paired a few with S2 and they seem pretty quick and fast.

Recenty I heard that S2 seems to work better? has this changed since this was posted in 21?

While S2 has less overhead than S0, it still has overhead. Personally if it’s not a lock or something that requires it to operate I normally pair without security.

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A couple years ago, I moved everything I could over to S2 (29 of 31 devices), and I've been very pleased.

I consider any additional overhead worth it given the better error-checking S2 provides.

I have a few critical devices out in my detached garage (far edge of mesh), and some leak sensors in the house that are in challenging spots in terms of reception -- all those devices can fluctuate between 100 kbps and 40. When they drop to 40, I like the confidence that S2 is ensuring accurate message traffic.

But that all being said, none of my ZW devices are chatty or message-heavy to begin with (I use zigbee for that), so any additional S2 overhead is no big deal.

If I had a chatty device, I'd admittedly think twice about putting it on S2.

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I converted a dozen of my Inovelli and Zooz switches to S2, and they do seem to actualy react a little faster? could be a placebo, and I will keep an eye on it for a while before I finish.

so far I noticed a OLD as heck Jasco/GW switch (it's not an S2 Switch) seems to work a little better now that the devices around it are S2 , so perhaps as you said S2 makes things more reliable, so perhaps the Mesh is a little cleaner and that makes the hop to that Jasco a bit better.

Thanks for theinfo, I can see why some S2's are better then none, but then some are better not in S2 ..

The project continues!

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I have 43 devices on S2 here. Generally speaking it works great. The only issues i occasionaly have is with my ring gen2 keypad.

All of my devices are zooz and ring zwave 700 though.

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