Runtime Stats 404 on

When I go to http://ip/runtimeStats#device-stats-panel I'm seeing a 404 error, it also no longer appearing on the side bar.

I'm seeing an alert about my growing database, and was trying to see what devices are being problematic.

All the stats are on the log page now.


I understand that changes were implemented to reduce this type of issue (growing database). Would you mind letting us know what caused it if you are able to figure it out?

How big is the database?

The DB was about 150mb and now it's hovering around 100, however this morning everything stopped working, my cloud and local endpoints won't work, I can't open devices in the ui, most rules don't work, I can't open logs. Everything was working fine in 1.128, reboot does nothing, rebooting router did nothing.

It seems that a UI reboot wasn't actually rebooting, the tried and true unplugging and plugging back in resolved everything, the question is what happened...

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That's been fixed in latest iterations of 2.2.9.

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