runEvery1Minute not working

My code was working last year but not today.

I have runEvery1Minute(poll) and put a log after to be sure that line is executed and yes it is.

But poll is never called. Any idea why ? I also tried runEvery1Minute("poll") .

Can you post the rule and the log for it?

This works fine:


This does not work:

Here is the log:

Ah I use Room Lighting or Rule Machine for my lights someone else will need to help you with that one. Sorry.

The method requires a string try

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I assume you actually have poll() defined somewhere? What does "Scheduled Jobs" on the devices detail page look like after the job is scheduled?

I would also suggest using a string, which I think is how this formally defined, though in my experience, it's usually good at converting if you don't.

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Sorry guys, beginner error, I found an unschedule in the code that's why the runEvery1Minute was not working :frowning: Sorry...


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