Run Rule Actions - what happens if trigger is not met?

So let's say I have Rule X

Rule X:
Trigger 7pm
Actions: A, B, C

Then in Rule Y, I have it perform its own actions
D, E, F and then I want it to run Actions A,B,C (even though it's, lets say 5pm)

If I select "Run Rule Actions" and Select "Rule X" will the actions A,B,C run even if the 7pm trigger from Rule X is not met?

Hope I explained that well..

If you set up rules 1, 2, 3
and you don't make them dependent on each other, then they don't bump as long as it's not referring to rule X or Y. They will still perform their task.

"Run Rule Actions" skips the triggers and goes directly to the "Actions" section of the specified rule, if that's what you're asking.

This is really the only way that would make sense, if it helps to remember it that way. Triggers are events; they do not have truth values and therefore cannot be "evaluated" in that sense. "Run Rule Actions" is basically a way to trigger the specified rule in addition to whatever triggers (if any; they are optional, though without them this is probably the only way you'd be able to make use of that rule) you have specified.


Thanks! Yes, I was saying that the Run Rule Actions basically acts as the trigger instead of the previously set trigger for that rule.

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