RUn Multiple Actions When Dashboard Softare Button Pressed

Hello. I am curious if it's possible to create button on the Hubitat dashboard, that when pressed will run a bunch of tasks such as the following:

  1. Turn off some lights
  2. Turn off my TV
  3. Turn on my bedroom light
  4. Wait for a couple minutes
  5. Dim the bedroom light
  6. Wait another minute
  7. Turn off bedroom light

When I go to sleep, I want to press the button on the dashboard then that list runs. I currently do this via Alexa but I want to get rid of Alexa and just press a button.

If the fake button on the Hubitat dashboard option isn't possible, can this be done with a hardware button? Any suggestions for a simple button to add to the Hubitat?

Yes, this can be done with a Virtual button or a real one (or both).

Simply create a virtual button, buy going to Device -> New Device -> Virtual

Then you can use Basic Rule, Rule Machine or Button Controller to create a rule that will be triggered by the button press, and will then execute the required actions.

Does this help get you going on this? The community is here to help if you get stuck, just let us know where and include screenshots of what you’ve done up to then as applicable.


Like @Sebastien said, it's easy to put a virtual button on a dashboard, but sometimes it's nice to have a dedicated real button you can push.

As for what's readily available atm, I've had good luck with the Sonoff and Hue.
And if you search the forum there's been mention of Tuya versions, that I've no first hand knowledge of.


Zooz also has a nice remote switch. Looks like a standard rocker light switch, but it's actually a battery-powered remote you can stick anywhere. Two buttons, each with press/double-press/hold/release functions natively in Hubitat. Custom driver allows you to pick up triple-tap and beyond, I think, though I've never felt the need.

My wife and I have one on either side of our beds. Behaves like a normal dimmer to control our lamps, but double-tap up sets that side for night reading and double-tap down starts the sleeping jobs.

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