Run false rules only if true were run?


Is it possible to have a rule that will only run the false actions if the true had been run?
For example, I have the true actions set to run after a 2 minute delay and cancel with truth change. This way if the rule was true for under 2 minutes, the truth actions never run. In these cases, I also want it to not run the false actions either. Is this possible?


By definition, "truth change" means the rule became false. So the false part is going to run then irrespective of what the actions for true are.


I'm out of my league here but perhaps a global might help.

Set global with true runs
Reset global when false runs.


Yeah, something like this could work, but the false side doesn't have a separate test to check the global variable state.

A feature to allow this coming in Rule-3.0... stay tuned...


My guess is, in the meantime, one would just need to have separate rules for true and false.


In my case I don't think this will work because my false rule is restoring the light settings that were captured from the true action...... But it's not working right. My lights keep getting "restored" to different colors when the false action runs.