Rules requiring 2 triggers?

I want to create a rule that requires 2 triggers occuring in order to run a certain rule action that I create. First trigger would be temperature is < or = X degrees. Second trigger would be every 3 hours. Both need to occur, not either one trigger. How do I create that so both have to happen to run the action?
I want to cycle my heat on under those conditions for a certain cycle and interval.

You can't do it with 2 triggers exactly, but if you have the "every 3 hours" as a periodic schedule trigger the temperature comparison can be a conditional action and that gives you what you want.

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Thank you. So in your example will a specified action occur every 3 hours starting at 12pm the day the rule was created and just keep going?

Yes. If you choose Periodic Schedule from the list of triggers you get the choice of either every N hours from a start point or at selected hours (as below) depending on how you want to do it.

EDIT Actually I'm not 100% sure on the first option, it may run every 3 hours from the chosen start point each day. I've never used that exact option, but certainly if you choose the second option and pick your hours for it to run it will repeat that every day.

Think this would do it every 3 hours or do I need to select 3,6,9 and so on?

No, you need to select 3,6,9 etc. As you have it, it will run at only 3am each day

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Tested it out last night works great, I went with the sequential hour setup to make sure it starts the process within a safe time of triggering. Thank you!

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