Rule's private boolean not behaving

I have a rule I want triggered only once per day, so I made a condition for triggering be that its PB is true, then the last action it does is to set the PB to false. Another rule resets the PB to true at midnight. This has worked perfectly forever, now suddenly the PB isn't setting to true.
Is there an issue with the recent updates affecting private booleans?

I have the same sort of problems after upgrading to 2.2.9.

So I would say YES. Something is broken in the new update. I have tried creating a whole new rule without any luck. I see in the logs that it says it changes the boolean for the rule, but it's not.

You're saying the "Cross Rule Boolean" is broken, right? Changing the boolean in "this Rule" works fine?

It's the 2nd rule that is setting the boolean in the first rule that fails?

Same here. I have a rule that when a rule is paused, it sets a boolean to true and then when resumed sets it false. Here are the logs and rule.

It's the 2nd rule that is setting the boolean in the first rule that fails?

Yes, exactly.

Nowhere in your rule do you set it to true. So how do you expect that to happen? It must be set. It starts out true when the rule is created, and after that it has whatever value you give it.

He uses another rule to set PB to true:
"Another rule resets the PB to true at midnight"

Are these two Hub Variables? I need a little more context information to understand what you're doing. There should not be an error, and I can track that down.

Please show this rule.

Yes, This is a hub variable.

I have two rules that set the hub variable true or false based off a rule being paused or not. I use that variable as a condition check for various other climate related rules.

I found the cause of this bug. A fix will be forthcoming... This is with respect to @JoshBI555 error shown above.


In case you still need to see it...

There is a bug in which setting the PB from another rule doesn't work if the Predicate is false. Fix will be in the next release.


Lol. Looks like you are stalking Betty :smiley:

I always appreciate your responses and quick help! Thank you!

Haha, yeah it sounds like it. But seriously, this is where HE went from a goofy hobby to an absolute godsend. My wife needs home care while recovering from sudden and unexpected illness, and I don't think either of us could get through it without all the automatic controls + voice control + notifications. Thankfully all this was in place when we needed it, we had zero learning curve.


@Bix66 Whoops sorry. I didn’t mean to make a joke about a serious matter. I hope she recovers quickly.

No offense taken at all. She's doing great and I just wanted to share what a huge value this stuff can have to us, besides feeding our addiction.


This bug was fixed in latest release:

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