Rules not working correctly after spring time change

As the title says. My Rules that are based on sunset are now off by one hour after the 'Spring Forward' time change today. How do I correct this? When I check the Hub setup it shows the correct sunset time, and the times on my logs are accurate, so I'm not sure what the issue is.

In the past we went into each rule that used sunset/sunset and clicked on done.

Duplicate topic

If previous years of DST changes are any indication, it will all be good tomorrow. I think it is, in general, a calculation for the next trigger being done 'the day before' and thus it's off by an hour. The next day, it all corrects. At least that's been the pattern over the previous two events.


Seems to be the same issue when falling back to standard time. I didn't wait for the next day to see if it would auto-correct, I just re-booted the hub to get it back on track. I'm guessing the triggers are set as an offset of time and saved...Not sure how we could trigger off a timezone change from ADST to AST for example to re-save the trigger timing....