Rules not running when conditions are meet

I have several rules built and I'm seeing that all my rules are not running as of last update ( I have one rule in particular that I need to turn on and off a specific temperatures so the water does not freeze. The rule is simple If then else statement.

IF (Temperature of Driveway Sensor(18.81) is > 33.0(F) [FALSE]) THEN
On: Sump Pump
Off: Sump Pump

Originally I had this rule built using Rule Builder 3. But when I saw that it was not working I recreated the rule in Rule Builder 4.

I looked at my logs and I don't see any indication of Event, Action, or Triggers.

What next should I look at?

Please post a screenshot of the entire rule, within Rule Machine 4. It is hard to diagnose the issue without seeing everything.

Do you have a trigger defined?

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What are you using as a trigger.
I would suggest your temp sensor changed.

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Sorry for the long delay. My account some how was locked. But the admins took care of me.

Here is a screen shot of the rule.

You need a trigger to turn it off, right now the trigger will only happen when the temperature is above 35. The easy way is to change the trigger to temperature changed.

That worked. I was under the impression this was more like a loop in programing like an Arduino. Guess I have a little bit more to learn.
Thank you.

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