Rules not consistently running


For about the last three weeks, my rules are not all running correctly. Most are basic rules, some are the rule machine, could that be the issue? For example, I have a basic rule that turns on both outside lights at sunset. The backyard light is not always coming on anymore. Another rule 2 hours before sunset turns on two lights inside, one of those is not consistently coming on. Another turns an exhaust fan off 20 minutes after turning on. These are all z-wave devices. I have run the z-wave repair so I have to assume that is all good. There is one node I can't identify that doesn't appear to be responding but when I look at the list of devices that are responding, everything is there that I expect to see.


Where is this? Why can't you identify it? If it's a "ghost," it may help to remove it (particularly if it's a repeater, generally a non-battery-powered device). For this and other Z-Wave troubleshooting, see:

No, not unless either app was set up incorrectly. Most (probably?) users use a mix of apps, and that's what I'd recommend -- whatever works best for your particular automation.

You could also try this general app/device and hub troubleshooting. For example, knowing if the app is sending the command and the device just isn't responding would be good to know, because then you can rule the app out as the problem. (This is just one possibility; you'll have to look at what is the case with your particular sitation.)


Thank you for the feedback. When I first discovered that "ghost" node, I couldn't figure out how to remove it. The article you pointed me to helped a lot. Since removing that ghost node, things so far are back to normal.

I'm having similar problems. Some rules or devices responding to rules are intermittent. I have a c8 hub and I wouldn't say I have complicated rules. I'll check out some of these trouble shooting ideas, but I also have a couple of questions. 1 I have 55 zwave devices, and 15 zigbee, no lan devices. Are my zwave number of devices getting crowded (to many), or am I ok there? 2 Looking at the logs, app stats and devices stats, is there any referance to know when something is getting out of range?


I'm still having issues that aren't consistent. Sometimes everything works, other times I still have failures. I have looked at the logs and everything appears to be firing as it should be. I'm running a C7 hub and around 50 z-wave devices.