Rules machine automatically setting condition to false

I've been trying to set up the following
. But multiple times when I try to set the 1st else if condition for evening, it automatically set the condition to false instead of true... It's happen lik 5 times in a row now.
Trigger: Mode Changed
IF Mode = Day then gvMaxDim = 80
Else If Mode = Evening then gvMaxDim = 70
Else If Mode = Night then gvMaxDim = 60
Else gvMaxDim = 100

The green and orange text is just there to help you by showing Rule Machine's current evaluation for the truth value (true or false) of that condition. Based on your screenshot, your hub appears to be in Day mode. Since modes are mutually exclusive, your hub is not in evening mode; therefore, RM is just showing you that this condition currently evaluates to false (but note that the condition for Day mode evaluates to true).

In other words, I don't see a problem in your screenshot. If there's something else, I'm sure someone can help if you explain a bit more. Good luck!


Ugh... that makes sense.
The interface I find a bit daunting.
Wonder if there is a way to just "write" the "code" instead of the dropdowns.

Yes, that's what "Apps Code" (and "Drivers Code" if you need it for devices) are for--but I suspect you'll find that even more daunting, particularly in light of the sparse documentation. You can find lots of posts here on Groovy development for Hubitat, but the SmartThings "classic" developer docs are a good start given the similarities.

But as for RM, as you've discovered, all actions are created using the drop-downs and other options in the GUI. And before you go to RM, be sure to check out the numerous built-in apps to see if one meets your needs--they're a lot easier to set up.

Yep. It's just take time to wrap my head around the interface, the order things are presented in and where they are located on the screen I didn't find intuitive.
I'm an old 'coder' - non web based, so writing code isn't the problem, and I understand the need to abstract the rule machine with an interface.
For me, it'd be cool it there was a 'code' tab that you could click and see the 'code' that is being built behind the scene. Not a feature request just something that would be cool for old coders like me to help understand better. My goal is to write drivers/learn groovy/ would like to make a custom dashboard interface you could run local (maybe on separate RP web hub or such) , etc. .
Being an old coder i take a different approach of learning the small pieces first. For example I'm learning CSS by trying o make a "kinda fun' goofy dashboard with just the JSON/CSS - learned a lot. Going to put in Noob CSS thread as i found a couple things which might help those like me.
Anyways , I'm rambling. Love HE. Love the community and looking forward to giving back.

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