Rules don't create Events even if logging of events triggers and action is enabled?

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I did a new a rule and enabled logging of events, triggers and actions. I did a few test runs of the rule and it works as intended. I then looked at the event log but there were no events logged. Isn't rules creating events even if the option to log is enabled or do I need to do something more to get entries into the event log?


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Rule Machine does not put anything in the app event log (found on the App Status page). Event logging has to do with events the rule is subscribed to (found on the Logs page).

Thanks @bravenel ,

Looking in the documentation for Rule Machine 5-1 it is easy to get the impression that things should be written to the event log (Se screen shot).

Is there a way to enter data into the event log of a rule, for instance to follow the execution of the rule for debuging purposes?


Perhaps there is some confusion about terminology.

Some apps, including much older version of Rule Machine, create events that show when the Events button on the App Status page is pressed. Rule 5.1 does not create these events, and that page is empty.

Logs are written to the hub's logs, shown on the Logs page. Rule 5.1 has 3 possible levels of logging, as you have shown above, for Events, Triggers, and Actions. The events logged here are from external events that the rule has subscriptions to, for example for events that might trigger the rule or complete a Wait.

If you want to put something in the app's logs, that appear on the Logs page, you can use the action called Log. These will show in the logs irrespective of the logging selected in the rule.

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I think you highlighted the wrong part of the screenshot. :slight_smile: Look at the paragraph right below, and you'll see it notes that everything goes to Logs:

Presumably this note was added because you were not the first person to have this question...

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Thank you for taking the time to explain @bravenel . I think I now get it. I did a few tests and yes, there is a log entry. Again, thanks.