Rules do get saved even without hitting the done button


I have noticed that the rules are getting saved even without hitting the done button. This is very annoying because the only way to fix the rule is to remove it a recreate it.

Yup. "Safety" feature! You didn't even know you needed a backup. Hubitat knows!! :laughing:

Instead of getting annoyed, you can request a delete button in a future revision. I know they're working really hard to get things functioning well. I think it's a nice feature, and really simple to delete rules afterward.

Rules are child apps. All you have to do is click the gear icon to open their status window. Scroll down and click the remove app button. In the next release this will be changed.

This is not about deleting a rule, it is about making changes to a rule and then not saving them but they get saved anyway. Then when you go back to edit it the rule is in a stage of FUBAR where the delete feature can become handy :slight_smile: I know our good friends at Hubitat are working hard and will eventually fix these little bugs, for now we have to look for workarounds, that's the beauty of programming.

Sorry, not understanding. If go into a rule editing window and want to remove it, you scroll to the bottom and click Remove


Not that. Sorry English is my second language. Go to an existing rule you don't like. Trust me it will go to an stage you cannot recover it. Then add an extra condition and then do not hit done but hit Back to Apps and then go back to you rule and you'll see the changes you made where saved.

Oh I see. That's already there. You just choose No Selection and the condition goes away.


Try with things like Button LED or Button, then you will not be able to select No Selection anymore and the rule will be saved no matter what. Click to set is available but not no selection, so there is no way to go back.

OK. You should let @bravenel know. I'm sure that can be resolved. I cannot see Button or Button LED, because I don't have RA2. Only the capabilities of devices you have connected to the hub, or capabilities that are native to the hub will show up.

I will write a detailed note to @bravenel letting him now how to recreate the issue.


NM. I see what you mean. Yes, currently that's the way it works. That's going to be different in the next release with RM 2.5. No need to write a note.

Currently, if you don't get too far building the rule, you can just click the << App List link at the top-left and it will back out to the App list of course, and then you start over. The rule isn't saved until you click the final Done button. It's going to get better soon.

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This is all fixed in the next upcoming release. For now, you can simply ignore and not use that condition. Its existence is harmless, although it is annoying. Or you can remove the rule. Or, just wait until next week it will be fixed to your satisfaction.


Next week? Cool!

Next week.
My breath is bated.

“I’m waiting with a worm on my tongue”–Mork

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