Rules and mirrors don't work anymore

I was tired of the very bad delays and not responsive devices, I think I started all my automations too early and a I had a lot of ghost nodes in my system, so I started from scratch. I backed up all my rules ,reset the z wave radio, deleted all my z Wave devices and paired it fresh. Luckily I have no ghost nodes anymore and everything reacts almost immediately when I use the mobile or web app. I let everything rest for 3 days for the zwave magic to happen. When I run z wave repair I have no failed nodes. I started today with some mirrors and none of them seam to work. I restored 2 rule that were working fine before but no rule or mirror work. I rebooted the hub, shut it down, unplugged it for 45 mins and restarted, nothing changed, no automation works. What else can I do ?

We're going to need a little more information (or at least my tired old brain will). Like:

  • What do the logs show?
  • What devices, and what do their statuses show?
  • Are the devices still controllable outside of automations?
  • What does the rule look like?
  • Does a new rule from scratch work?

...I'm sure someone else will chime in with more questions?


If everything was working ok, why the need for a z-wave repair.
It is really only necessary on an individual device if there are issues with it.

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It looks like it's slowly coming to life. I didn't know automation rules need time to start working as well. So far so good. I just let the rules rest and in the worst case I reboot the hub again. Lets see if I can get everything to work again. Thanks for now