I'm making a rule. But I can't make it work on this thermostat. It works fine on the other thermostats I have of the same brand, but not on this one. I can control it manually from sharptools or directly from Hubitat. Not even when I press 'run this action' does it work. What could be wrong?

What do the logs show? Turn on all logging on this rule and try to Run Actions and see what happens in the logs.

Not even in logs, 'Silje termostat' comes up.
I simply don't see what I've done wrong on this

'Siljes termostat' Doesn't show up


Now I've even tried uninstalling it and resetting the thermostat, and it still won't respond in a rule. There are no problems with the other thermostats.
It responds fine if I manually gennel hubitat changes the temperature.


Any ideas?

Please show the logs from when you control it directly from Hubitat device page for this thermostat. Set the heating setpoint to some value other than 18. Then, hit Run Actions in that rule, and show those logs also. We need to see the logs for the device and for the rule running. After you do those steps, show the Events for the thermostat, from the Events button on the device page.


This is if I let the automation run on my own. Only the 'thermostat Nulle' appears.!
And then a picture of the event log from 'thermostat Silje'.|230x500

This is if I change the temperature of 'thermostat Silje', inside it inside the Hubitat device.
I hope you can decipher it.

I need to see just the logs for Termostat Silje from (1) setting it from the device page, and then (2) hitting Run Actions on the rule. Then I want to see just the logs for the rule with logging turned on for Actions in the rule. Then, I want to see the events for Termostat Silje from the Events button from its device page.

The image where 'thermostat Silje' shows 30 degrees is made from device page.
The first image is from a 'run action' where only 'Thermostat Nulle' changes to 18 degrees. 'thermostat Silje' stays at 21 degrees.

What do you mean 'logging turned on' ?

This is from a rule:

Screen Shot 2020-11-29 at 2.14.39 PM

Sorry. I misunderstood that.

I just migrated from smartthings.

Is this picture?

Or maybe the automation is wrong?

Do you have a computer you can use? It's like pulling teeth to get the right screenshots on a phone.

This Events button for the themostat to see its events:

You keep showing SharpTools logs. I don't want to see those. I want to see the device logs and the app logs.

This time I have run the automation from PC, and taken a screenshot on my mobile in 'logs'. And then got into the 'thermostat Silje' and taken a screenshot of events.|230x500

And here's the automation

I have run the automation with both events
Only one thermostat changes the temperature, the other comes at all

Only one thermostat changes temperature, the other does not appear at all

By the way!

I have found a difference Aller at the bottom of the device page for Silje.
It says 'pending'

It's not on any of my other thermostats.
See photos

Still waiting to see the logs for when you command the thermostat from the device page.

That's just waiting to turn off debug logs.

Thermostat Silje is set to 18 degrees

Thermostat Nulle is set to 17 degrees.

OK. Did you turn on Action logging in the rule? If so, please do Run Actions. Show the logs from that for both the app and the device.

By logs, do you mean Event in the device? And log when i run the app automation?

Thank you for your patience :upside_down_face: