Rule to set water valve open/close depending on if Ecobee is Away/Home

Looking to build a rule to turn on the water valve when the Ecobee status is home and turn off the water valve when Ecobee status is set to away. I can build the Action piece correctly but can't figure out how to set the trigger action since I don't see a way to have Hubitat look to the Ecobee home/away status.

Just keep in mine that most water shutoff valves are not designed for high frequency use, and may wear out/stop working if cycled too frequently.

Most don't publish cycle specs, but I've seen them fail anywhere from a few hundred strokes to a few thousand.

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Correct. I just had a gear on a LeakSmart valve lose a tooth (after 5+ years). Their support told me that it was recommended to cycle the valve monthly. I was initially doing it every other day and then every week for the last 4-5 months.

I do mine monthly.

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I saw this one but I'm looking for the Ecobee action to trigger the shutoff valve. This thread looks like the HSM is triggering the Ecobee.

Thanks. I have the Econet Bulldog which should be able to handle this. It's for a vacation home so it will be used twice per week during the summer...less during the other seasons.

Would be a good idea to also turn off your water heater during that time as well in the event that the hot water tank relief valve opens when you're away, empty your tank as with no water coming in from this rule takes the chance of your heating elements turning on with no water in the tank.

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The important part of that link is what ecobee driver they used to have access to home/away modesā€¦

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