Rule to set presence to arrived

Maybe a simple question but I'm unable to find it.

My son broke his phone (again) a week ago. I told him I'm NOT buying another. So I gave him my old Android. This is an old Note 3. Presence on this phone does not work very well so I thought I would try something.

If last lock code entered was his, then set his presence to arrived.

I can not find how to set his presence to arrived. Can you? How?

In the Rules' actions --> Run Custom Action --> Presence-->departed (or arrived)

I use an HTTP Request from Tasker on my Android phone as a secondary presence monitor using a custom action just like that. Tasker can create an entirely different geofence of origin and/or radius than HE. It the best app i have purchased for my phone.

It's under Run Custom Actions.

@jabecker It's asking for a parameter. Do I leave this blank or do I need to put something in this field?

I just tested without put in any Parameter. Works. I will do more testing tomorrow.


I think the parameter is optional.