Rule to fade lights based on Illuminance

I have been messing with this concept for a while now. I have 3 lights in my living room I want to fade up and down tased on outside light levels. I put this together and it looks like it makes sense to me but it isn't running. Logs are saying all steps are skipped. Am I missing something?

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Following. This will be very cool when its working. Great idea. Sorry I can't help. I'm a newbie

You need to use else if and end if

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You saying use Else if for everything after the first If?

Just change it. It seems to be running now. will play with the light level and see what happens. Thanks

Good to hear.

I may look at doing the same. Neat idea.

I would just make an IF-THEN-ENDIF for each dim setting. That will make it a bit cleaner to read in the log files.