Rule to check on Temperature sensor

I have 4 Aeotec Trisensors. I only use them for temperature control. I can't find a way to keep an eye on the sensors if they are frozen, this happens some times. I wrote a rule to control the battery status that sends me a message on my phone when any of the battery devices run below 25%.
I would like a rule that sends me a message if any of the temp sensors haven't changed the temperature in 30 mins. Is this possible ?

You can create 2 variables. 1st will be updated every hour, second 30 minutes later. Within each update you compare those variables, and if they are the same, you trigger notification.
Other option, if device supports it, is to get device last update attribute time and do comparision of that time with current time every e.g. 10 minutes.

Have a look at "Device Activity Check" it has the ability to monitor devices and with variable monitor times.

UPDATED corrected spelling of app. Apologies to bertabcd1234

Assuming you trust the device to always (normally) send temperature reports with at most a 30 minute gap, then yes, you can do this--and you don't need variables to track anything, though you could certainly go that route instead if you want. Here's an easy way:

Trigger event: Trisensor temperature *changed*

Actions to run:

Wait for event: elapsed time --> 0:30:00
Notify: "Trisensor temperature has not changed in 30 minutes!"

Keep in mind that some devices don't report temperature events unless the value has changed by at least a specific amount. It looks like the Trisensor has both amount- and time-based parameters for temperature reporting, so as long as you've configured the temperature reporting to be less than the wait time in your rule, you should be good--as long as the device received the new configuration by the time you test it (which battery powered Z-Wave devices generally will within their next wakeup interval or if you manaully wake the device after configuring it/saving preferences).

Also, be warned that battery reporting is notoriously unreliable--so I think it's good that you're adding activity monitoring, too. The app referenced above is, I think, mine (with an extra letter) and might also be a better indicator of whether the device has had any activity and is likely to be working fine, even if the temperature didn't change (but, again, with this specific device and the ability to configure time-based reports, you should be OK).

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