Rule Template

Is it possible to create a rule template for say a dimmer switch.

I have multiple inovelli dimmers that control smart lights. I have created a paused dimmer template that I just have to change the lights I want to control in the template and then apply it to the dimmer I want. But there is a lot of spots I must change. Is there anyway to have say a variable as the dimmer and then define the dimmer once and it will work?

I hope this makes sense.

Unfortunately not, I'm assuming your thinking something like WebCore does.

You can clone a rule which is as close as you can get, but your have to change each of the actions and conditions to the new device.

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I ran into something like that where three different Hue dimmers have "Button 3 Hold" do the same thing, which is turn off living room, office and kitchen

What I did to avoid repeating all that logic was create a "Virtual Button", wire up a rule to turn those lights off upon pressing and then the rules for the dimmer switches all have their Button 3 Held event push the virtual button

So have 4 rules total for 3 dimmers, but at least the heavy logic is only in one rule so it's easy to change

I wrote a custom app, Dimmer Button Controller, that lets you define the lights once and have the same actions apply to all of them. I don't have a way to clone, but it might be at least part of what you're looking for (I got tired of specifying the same lights in every action). It does a bit more, like simulating multi taps like you get on the Hue Dimmer on Hue, but you can ignore those features if you don't want them.