Rule Status check

Is it any condition/expression to check status of the specific RM rule?
I need to check if rule is active and do something if it is.
Certainly I can use Global Variable but I wonder if there is a simpler way.

I'm not aware of an option to check to see if a rule is active/running. You can also use a virtual switch but I assume functionally it would be about the same as a Hub Variable.

There is no such thing as a rule being active. Everything is event driven. A rule can cause some event, just as it is triggered by some event. Events cause the state of something to change (if the event actually represents a changed state value). So a rule can cause a state to be some value when it starts running (is triggered), and to have some other state when it's done (last action).

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All this is 100% clear.
I don't have a problem to use Hub Variable(s) for tracing rule status and/or
controlling rule behavior (some sort of State Machine).
I was wondering maybe something like rule status variable already exist
(just not to re-invent bicycle).

No. There is no rule status.

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