RULE - Set Color Action Broken - ALSO Button Controller BROKEN too

I currently have a Button Controller

Doing the following:-

But it does not work.

It sets the brightness correctly but not the color.

So despite setting to Daylight 100%, if the Bulb was previously RED and 50% this Action will only change the Brightness so becomes GREEN 100%.

Is there a way to set the color so it changes the color in Rules?

Ok found the issue.

HE or Cocohue believes daylight is a Mint Green :slight_smile:

Have raised with @bertabcd1234

So Daylight is Green
Warm white is yellow
Soft White is Yellow/Green
White is white with a hint of blue ( more daylight)

This just keeps getting better and better

Seriously you can't edit a Button Controller? REALLY!!

Because Daylight sets the lights to Green I need to change it from select color to select temperature.

If you delete the button - great lets you do that - you can't edit you have to delete - ok can live with that.

So Add New Buttons - and VIOLA all the old settings return that cannot be edited.

So to edit ONE button for ONE action you have to DELETE all four buttons and with all three settings?

So to fix one button option you have re- do all 12 actions from ground up.

OK so its back to a Rule more effort but can be edited.

Actually found a workaround

If you want Edit a Button you have to delete the button, re- add the button then add another action to the button - doesn't matter what this is so you can get the Delete Actions option on the screen.

Then delete the offending Button action and the dummy action you created and add the proper function back.

Long winded, but you have to fake HE into displaying the option to Delete an action.

Seems edit works fine. It's when changing from Color to ColorTemperature I have no luck. But agree, it would be great if that were possible to do easier.

On mine the Delete Action is not available unless you add another Action.

I had two Actions and had to add another one to be able to get the Delete Action option up.

It s a bug, I cannot imagine by design you have to add a dummy action to be able to remove another action

I responded in the other thread regarding CoCoHue; for those interested, the solution, not CoCoHue-specific, is to use "Set Color Temperature" if you have CT or RGBW bulbs and want a color temperature. The underlying issue is that the "Set Color" action in RM and BC will use the "Set Color" command, not "Set Color Temperature," and so will use RGB mode (HSL values) to approximate CTs. This might get you close on some bulbs but will vary a lot across different manufacturers. On a related note, the standard "Set Color" and "Set Color Temperature" commands use numeric values (HSL or Kelvin, respectively), not names, so any named values you see in an app are up to that app to decide what they mean.

Regarding the Button Controller issue, I am not able to replicate the problem on my end. I am able to add (at the end), insert (at any location), and delete (by selection from the list) actions in Rule-Machine-like fashion, as well as delete entire button actions sections (though it should be noted that recreating them without deleting the actions inside them first does restore their actions, from what I can see). But BC and RM are both heavy users of Hubitat's "dynamic" UI features, and a wrong click somewhere might get you stick in an odd state. If you can figure out how to reproduce the issue from the beginning, staff might be able to find a fix.