Rule Questions

Hello, a few questions about rules. Right now I have different rules to let me know when a door is left open at 10 minute intervals. I would like to consolidate these rules if possible.

  1. If I have multiple IF statements in one rule with delays, will using cancel delayed actions only cancel the delays within the IF statement it was called or all delays within the rule?

  2. Is it safe to have long rules with multiple IF statements so long as only 1 or 2 of the statements are called at any given time?


Are you receiving a notification only as the notifier app would be the easiest option?

For now, yes, but would like to keep it open for more options in the future.

AFAIK when you issue a cancel delay all action delays from previous triggers currently waiting will be canceled, if they are cancelable?

I know of no limit on the number of if statements, but the more you have the harder it is to follow.

If you're saying you just want to be notified that door X is open at 10, 20, 30, 40 etc minutes don't you just need to use a repeat every command on your notification?

Yes, that is what I do, but I have since figured out what I wanted to do. Thanks for the help.