Rule question

I have a camera charger I want powered for 2 hours daily unless we are "away", in which case it will be powered on, and will power off upon our return.
Seems simple enough but I don't think I got it and would appreciate another option.

I am not exactly sure what you want to do, but I do see one thing wrong.
the Delay 2:00:00 is a delay that means the camera won't come on for 2 hours.
If you want a delay that shuts it off in 2 hours it must look like this.
Off:Alfred cam -->delayed 2:00:00
Remove your delay and turn switches off.

Try something like this..:

Trigger: same as you have now, or desired turn on time.

IF mode is Away
Then turn on cam
Wait for event: mode changes to Home
Turn off cam

Turn on cam
Wait for event: elapsed time 2 hours
Turn off cam



It took me awhile but think I got it. Thanks!

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