Rule Question Again

On this rule, does the cancel on truth change cancel everything or just the delay?

It will cancel everything, the distinction about 'just the delay' is moot.

A 10 min timer starts on True.. a 'truth change' obviously means the rule goes false. And the delay gets cancelled. There's nothing that has yet been done in the True Action (except the cancelled delay) and there's nothing to be done in the False Action. If the door gets closed in those 10 mins, nothing happens at all.

You will only get the announcement once.

Thank you. That's what I wanted. I need to know if we left a door open and sounds like that will work then.

I kinda like this version...


It repeats the message, but stopping the repeat does not reset the timer. So it there's 15 seconds remaining on the 45 seconds, the next time the door is left open for 10 minutes, there's one message and then 15 seconds later the 2nd message, then every 45 seconds.

It's a STOP on truth change, not a 'stop & reset the counter'. Personally, this is fine, since the point is to nag. :slight_smile: