Rule not Working

I have been plagued with various rules (using 5.1) not doing as the should or better said that I want them to do. Some simple ,some more complex.

The below simple rule is on that does not work. I wonder if my syntax is off or the commands do not work the way I thought.

The Basement Door Contact contact works. In Devices, when door is open contact indicates "open". When door is closed contact indicates "closed"

When the door opens the lights come on. When the door closes the lights do not go off. They stay on.

IF (Basement Door Contact contact open(F) [FALSE]) THEN
On: Kitchen Foyer, Basement Steps, Basement Landing
Off: Basement Steps, Basement Landing

Note: I have chosen not to turn off the kitchen foyer.

Any clues or suggestions.


We'll need to see your full rule, including triggers, in order to answer this question. From the information provided, this rule looks like it should work if your trigger is "Basement Door Contact contact *changed*." If it's something else, and certainly if it's just the "contact open" event, it may not work as you expect.

Your device sounds like it's reporting states correctly, which is a great troubleshooting step to have done! The other thing you can consider doing is enabling all logging options in the Rule, then check "Logs" either live or after the fact to see what the rule is doing and when.

I havae not forgotten your reply. I have been consumed with other stuff. You were spot on my trigger was ON instead of Changed. I corrected and still no joy. When things free up I will do as you request above.


Screen shots work best...

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