Rule Not Running Because Required Condition Reports False But Its True

I see this topic has been discussed several times but I didn't find a solution that has worked for my faulty rule.

My rule is a Rule Machine 5.1 rule that has a required condition. The requirement for this Rule Machine rule to run is that a light is turned off. If the light is turned off then active motion turns a different light on and inactive motion sets a timer to turn that same light off. I essentially use this same motion rule without the condition all over my house.

This rule fails to run almost all the time it seems for a while now (maybe as long as a month). Motion does not turn my light on because the rule erroneously indicates the required condition is false. That is readily apparent to me every time it fails to run but the button to turn the lights on is close enough I just end up tapping the button and forgetting the rule didnt run just about as fast as I noticed the issue. But I would like to resolve this in a lasting manner. If I stop the rule and restart it, that does seem to trigger a look at the required condition and the requried condition is correctly indicated and will allow the rule to run. However, this is a temporary fix and soon enough the rule won't run due to the erroneous indication that the required condition is false.

I could am posting logs but other than the motion sensor indicating motion the only thing you see is the rule not running. Nor is the rule logged at all. I have logging turned on for Events, Triggers and Actions but is there somewhere that I can turn on debug level logging outside of the rule inself?

I just updated to (from on my C-7 and the rule erroneously did not run the first time is should have. Nor has it run in the last 20 minutes that I've been in front of the motion sensor with the required condition of me sitting in the dark being true. Obviously, this is not a critical issue for me... I'm happy to do what I can to facilitate any troubleshooting.

Screenshot 1 - Required Expression correctly indicates true but false at the top of the screen

Screenshot 2 - Shows active motion in the office but the office motion rule does not run (there is not much elapsed time here but this is the easiest way to show that my motion rule doesn't even appear in the logs when the rule trigger does (this is nice and clean as it was immediately after updating the firmware))

Screenshot 3 - App stats indicating (presumably) that the rule is being processed in some way even though it ultimates does not result in actions when the trigger occurs

Those might not be helpful but best I could thing of to provide since logging is turned on for the rule but the logs don't report anything,

First thing I'd try is just hit "Done" in the rule to re-initialize it (or "Update Rule," which does the same without closing the page). This should re-evaluate the required expression (or at least cause it to be the next time your Hue group updates; I can't remember if it checks right away) and re-establish the trigger event subscription, if necessary at that time.

If that doesn't help, consider re-creating the rule to see if that helps. There have also been some Rule bugs reported recently, but I don't recall anything that affects this exact case. Still, it sounds like there might be another hotfix for 2.3.2 coming out at some point, and there have been a few recently too, so updating now (if you aren't current) or keeping your eye out for an update soon would be a good idea, too.