Rule Manager: Continue processing rules without waiting for completion of an action

I would love a checkbox I could place on select Rule Manager actions which instruct RM to keep going and not wait for an action to complete before moving on to the next one.

My use case: Say I have a rule that makes a few calls to slow APIs. As long as they do not affect the behavior of my ruleset, I would love to be able to tick a "Don't wait for this action to complete before continuing" checkbox and have them run in parallel.

The workaround I've implemented is to have a separate rule triggered by a Virtual Switch that Rule 1 sets to "on", but it would certainly simplify things to have a single rule with my proposed checkbox which would effectively provide the same behavior.

Thanks for the consideration.

Just so you know, you can run another rule's rules directly using 'run rule actions'. No need for a switch/trigger.

It doesn't wait for anything. It uses async http calls, not waiting for a response.

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