Rule Manager / Alexa Skill clash?

I just recently setup rules for my Office, Master Bedroom and Living Room to turn on ceiling fans when they go over a specific temperature and turn off once they've come below a certain temperature. Since that time I can't get Alexa to control them they are all "Not Responding".

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Just for more info... The rules have restrictions so they only run between 9am and 6pm. I'm trying to use Alexa after 6pm when I'm getting "Not Responding".

These two things are not related. There is some issue with the ceiling fans. See if they work from their Device page. What kind of fans?

At this moment, within the time when the rules take place, neither the living room fan nor the office fan can be controlled via their device page. The master bedroom fan can. The master bedroom however isn't warm enough for the rule to be "true" to turn on the fan. The Living Room and Office are warm enough for the rule to be "true".

I'll test them again tonight after 6pm so the rule isn't in play.

They are all Hampton Bay fans that have the WINK controller and use the native Hampton Bay device driver for Hubitat.

This has nothing to do with the rule. If you can't turn them on from the device page, neither can RM. These guys are notorious from dropping off the Zigbee network.

Try sending a Config command from the device page. Sometimes that will bring them back. If not, you will have to repair them by going through the reset process (turning the power to them on/off like 5 times, with the hub in pairing mode).

Do you have zigbee repeaters in the same room as the fan? Absolute must for these me.

Also, when we have power outages these tend to drop off...I live in Florida so we get power flickers all the time. When they do get knocked off I do the following trick. It works every time for me.

  1. Turn off the mains power for the fan. Hopefully you can do this via a switch...otherwise you need to hit the breaker.
  2. Wait 1 minute and then put the hub in device discovery mode.
  3. Return power to fan.
    Usually my fan lights blink within 15 seconds and I can control the fan again.

NOTE: Nothing will actually be just causes the fan to reconnect....I used this trick in ST and Hubitat.

RM did turn them on and off though, even though I couldn't from the device page. After the 6pm window I was once again able to control the Living Room Fan but not the Office Fan from the device page.

Config command didn't work on the office fan and I've sorta tried the reset process on the office fan but the catch there is the breaker it is on is the same breaker as my bedroom fan. I don't want to reset both. I tried just disconnecting the power directly at the fan and doing the 3 secs off, 3 secs on, thing from there but that didn't reset it (or at least it's not discoverable again).

And the Habitat hub is in the Office with the fan so I know it's not a distance thing.

I'm in Florida as well. I've never had an issue with a device working again after a power outage and this isn't the result of a power outage.

The fan is in the very same room as the hub. This hasn't been an issue for months until I created a rule to turn the fan on or off based on room temp during a specific time of day. The same day I did that I experienced this issue.

Hitting the breaker for this fan is hitting the same breaker as another fan that's working and I don't want to reset that fan.

Ha! My own ceiling fan has been offline for a few weeks. I just tried your trick and it worked! Thanks.

Sure beats doing the whole reset thing.

Believe it or not, my hub is also close to the fan, but it still drops off. And I have a repeater 10 feet away.

I know you don't want to believe me, but this has nothing to do with having a rule that talks to the fan. Also, turning off the breaker does not reset the fan. Follow @stephack advice.

Funny that the rule works but interface doesn't then... Doesn't matter now anyways since I've deleted the device to try to re-add it but it won't re-add...

I do everything on my power not to reset the buggers because they are so problematic.

Please trust us when we tell you....get a doesnt matter how close your hub is. The is no rhyme or reason but I worked on the initial driver for this device. We wasted weeks thinking it was the dth...or ST..etc. adding a repeater just works.

I have 2 fans in the same general space..about 10 feet apart. The first paired with my hubitat. The second refused to pair until....wait for it...I added a repeater in the room. The hub was 15 feet away with no obstacles. Essentially the same room.

We have seen people in ST that have had the fan work for weeks and then stop working randomly. Guess what fixed their issue. YUP....a repeater!

I have a ST plug in every room, those are repeaters.

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Unfortunately now that its removed from HE you have the tedious task of resetting this bad boy. The flip a switch dance is no fun. Good luck to you sir. I know your pain.

I'm going to kill the power to it, disconnect it and then hook it up to a zip cord and try to use that to reset it. With it being on the breaker with another fan I don't want to use the breaker to try to reset it.

I wound up resetting the controller and re-pairing it. I had to remove it from the fan to do so since I didn't want to reset the other fans on that breaker as well.