Rule Machine

Moving from basic rules to rule machine
If someone would be kind enough to tell me where or what I did wrong???

I want to create 1 run that will do the following:
@ 6:15am turn on COUNTER LIGHTS for 1 HR 15 Min
@ 7:30am turn off COUNTER LIGHTS AND turn on BAR LIGHTS
@ 6pm turn off BAR LIGHTS

I must have done something wrong because I have OR statements and that's not what I want..

You only want the one trigger, the first one.

The rest want to be in the actions section
Turn on the kitchen counter
wait till 7:30am
then turn off counter lights
turn on bar lights
then wait till 6pm
then turn all off

That's 6 separate action lines

for example of wait till time

Some people might prefer 3 separate rule each one triggered at one of your times, to save the rule running all day.

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So there is some impact on the system? I was trying to group stuff but if its preferred to beak them down, ill do it.

@Inge_Jones so the trigger is "turn on Kitchen Counter"

The everything else is an action?
Wait until 7:30
Turn off Counter
Turn off Bar..

If you prefer it all as one rule there is no reason you can't have it as one rule. I think I can see what you were thinking when you made them all as triggers - but they do need to be OR'd not ANDed. ANDed triggers would only work if each event happened simultaneously - which it wouldn't do as you wanted them to happen at different times.

And a rule does need actions, or nothing will happen even if the triggers worked.

The trigger should be the time, when it's 6.15 which is when you want the first action of the day (regarding those lights) to start happening. Then you can either keep the rule running all day watching for the time for the next lighting change, or you can split into 3 rules, one with 6.15am as the trigger, one with a 7.30am trigger and one with a 6pm trigger. In each case the action would be the lighting change.

Yeah I think I am still doing something wrong...

Hold on - Maybe I am over thinking this - I noticed they are conditions...

I don't think you want them to be conditions for this purpose.

Think of it this way...

I tell you to "break that window" break the window is an action

Or I tell you "if you broke that window" then you must "pay for it". In that case did you break the window is a condition and pay for it is the action

You just want to tell the lights to turn on and off, so you don't want them as conditions.

Trigger explanation using the example above, for completeness:
"as soon as you break that window" (trigger)
"the alarm will sound" (action)
"if you broke the window pay for it" (conditional action)

Not sure if this your case, but I found the user interface for conditions a bit confusing at first. The conditions listed under "Manage Conditions" don't do anything until you use them in an action (a Conditional Action).

Do you have it working the way you want in a Basic Rule? When you create a new RM rule you should be able to "Create new Rule from Basic Rule".

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Okay slowing starting to make sense..

What does this mean?

Required expression is one or more conditions that have to be true before the rule will even start to listen for the triggers. So that means you set up a required expression and the condition is not met at this time. Not sure why you'd want a required expression for the particular rule you seemed to be wanting to write. Do you want to show us what you have constructed so far, as a screenshot?


Agree, a required expression is not likely not needed for this rule, yet. Requiring that someone is home might sense once the rule works correctly.

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@Inge_Jones here is the rule. i used the “create rule from” option in rule machine. here is the rule that was created..

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Based on what you said in your first post above, that's a fine rule except the second Wait is wrong. It says wait for 5 minutes, but what you really want is to wait until 6:00 PM, right?

If so, delete that one action, and add one in its place (using Insert Action). You want Wait for Event: Certain Time -- 6:00PM

Also, you need to edit the last action to add Bar Lights to the Off.

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Except it ran this morning which it shouldn't have done if I am correct (should run Mon - Fri only)

Did you remember to click "Done" after editing it? It won't read your changes into the system otherwise

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