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I am trying to set up a RM. I have a ecolink window and door sensor. It has been included. I am testing so it is on my desk. When I pull the magnet away I see the LED flash once so that indicates that it is communicatiing with HE. I want when the door is open to send a notification to my phone.
This is what I have done.
RM Name:Lock Event Trigger:Contact Contact Becomes: Open Action: False (I didn't do anything and False was a given) Contact Sensor: Side Door Lock

Notifier Name :Side Lock, Device: Contact Sensor, Select Sensor: Side Door Lock,
Notification: Sensor Opens, Repeat: ON , Repeat Every 2 min, Stop repeat: 3 times
Text Notify: Samsung S9 Text to cell, Lock is Open.

I have a notifier for my lights and that works. The sensor is in front of me with my phone and if I pull the magnet away I thought I would get a notification. Is the action wrong?

Any reason you aren't using the built in Notification app? It is much simpler and I think it will do what you want.

I second the advice above to use the Notifications app unless it doesn't meet your needs, but I'm having a hard time following your rule, so either line breaks or a screenshot would be helpful if you still want help with that.

Also, the green light on your contact sensor doesn't necessarily mean it's communicating with HE. It depends on the device, but I have a lot of Iris v2 sensors that flash green to indicate that they detected something and will send a report to the hub, but there's no guarantee after that. You'd have to look on Hubitat (device page "Events" tab, live/past logging, or your favorite place) to see for sure. I can't remember how the Ecolinks work, but I'd definitely check the hub either way.

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I hate to sound stupid but what Notification app? I don't see it.

Also I did check the logs and nothing. The device does show up in the list.

Here's how to add the Notifications app: Notifications - Hubitat Documentation. (Your description of your rule sounds like half Rule Machine, half Notifications, so maybe you already added it? You can't use one app "within" another though, so maybe that is just a rule above.)

The device showing up in your "Devices" list doesn't mean anything beyond the fact that it was once paired/added. You will need to click into the device page then click "Events" to see an event history (if you want to see past events) or look at the "Current States" list in the upper right to see if "contact" changes between "open" and "closed" as you do the same to the sensor (this should update in real time). The live logs will usually also show this as it happens, but not if you have descriptionText loggig disabled or are using a custom driver that doesn't follow a similar convention; these other methods will tell you for sure.

Here are screenshots of the app and logs? I can also see on the device that it changes from open to closed. I thought I would get a notification to my phone but no.

OK, so the screenshot is definitely the Notifications app, not Rule Machine. That's good. Everything also appears to be set up correctly, which is also good. My hunch is that the "Samsung S9" device isn't getting notifications. You can test this yourself by trying to send one manually:

  1. Navigate to the "Devices" page from the list on the left
  2. Find "Samsung S9" (or whatever your "Hubitat Mobile App Device" is called) in the list, and click/tap it to be taken to its device page
  3. On the device page, you'll see buttons representing all the commands that device's driver has available. For this one, you should see a "Device Notification" command you can try. Type something into the "Text:" box, like this:
    Then, hit the "Device Notification" button to execute the command. You should see a notification come to your phone. If not, something is probably wrong with the Hubitat app on your phone; if you do get it, something is somehow wrong with the Notifications/Notifier app.

If I had to guess, I'd say this (sending a notification manually) won't work. The "easiest" way to start fixing it might be to just delete the app from your phone and redownload/reinstall it. When you log in to the app for the first time after reinstalling, it should ask you if you want to re-use an existing mobile app device (that's the "Samsung S9" device here) or create a new one. I'd select the open to re-use the existing device. See if any of the above works then.

I did as you said and deleted mobile app and reinstalled although it never asked me anything. It started with Settings. I had in the begining to allow Geofence location. That being said still the same. I also have another problem with my sump pump sensor. Installed last year and notifier to my cell that "sump is not working" All was ok. So I just disconnect and brought up newar the hub and shorted the contacts and nothing. I checked the status and it says dry and battery 99. Do I need to exclude and include again.

I don't know what the Android app is like, but I'm guessing it's pretty similar to the iOS app where you should get a prompt, starting with "New User" or "Existing User," the latter of which you'd probably want at this point. This video would walk you through that: YouTube

Did you try the other suggestion (manually sending a notification to the device)? I'd leave apps and other devices out of the picture for a second because if doing that manually doesn't work, no app will be able to do it, either--all they'll do is send the same command I suggested manually sending above. If this doesn't work, there's probably something wrong with the "link" between the hub and the mobile app, which I was thinking setting up the app again would fix.

Re-pairing a sensor won't help with this, either. However, if you have a different problem with the sensor, you'd need to investigate that too before you'd get notifications from it (where I'd start: on the device page for the sensor, does status change between open/closed, wet/dry, or whatever it's configured to report as expected? the "Current States" in the upper right of that page should update dynamically).

Got it to work! Yeah! Deleted the app reinstalled but had to add app to notifications on Android. BTW I did go to and send a manual and I saw that it was sent so thats when I went to the phone and did some investigation. Anyway that works and give me an audible with the text message. Thank you for your help.
The sump pump sensor doesn't change it stay dry even though I shorted the terminals. i think I will try a new battery and let you know. Again thanks for the help.

I assumed you were using the Hubitat mobile app for Android, which can do push notifications without any third-party tools; Pushover will certainly work, too (it was once the only option because the Hubitat mobile app is newer than the hub, but some people still prefer it because it offers more features). Glad you got it figured out!

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