Rule Machine While-Loop for Thermostat

I know that cross-posting is a no-no, but I realized last night that I may not get a rule machine question answered in my other post (site search for Goodman), so here is the text I had in the other post (edited here for context):

Rather than use the Thermostat Scheduler alone, I have setup RM to manage the Day/Evening/Night/Away, and then configured presence for the Away settings. The issue I have is with fluctuating outside temps (cold at night and warm in the day) during the long Aways (vacation). In the rules I configured already (which are working) I have an if/then statement that checks the outside temperature and then determines if the inside should be heat or cool, then from there it sets the temp. The issue now is how to implement a while-loop for longer duration Away(s). If I leave home in the morning and the temp is 70 degrees, then Cool will turn on, but if I am gone for a full day and the temperature outside drops to 50 I want the heat to turn on.

Here is the rule I have so far. The intent is to run every 5 hours, while the Mode is still set to Away. If the mode changes, it should just stop checking. If it is still away, then the outside weather is checked and then Heat/Cool is set. Does the make sense? Will the rule work? Is there a simpler way of creating it than what I have?

A couple thoughts,

Make a rule trigger on away to set fan to auto, heat to 60 and cool to 80

Make a separate rule triggering on outside temp to switch between hear and cool. Trigger1 outside temp < 65, trigger 2 outside temp > 75. Action, if temp>70 thermostat mode cool, else thermostat mode heat.

No repeat needed.

Similar to this (for heat)?

The problem is what If you go into away and it is already <65

As another trigger for going into away

ahh, gotcha, my apologies. I have a trigger set specifically just for the actual Away mode to account for the temperature. Now I am trying to account for the change in temperature over time. Does that make sense and cover the case you are talking about? Thank you for your help in talking this out, I appreciate it very much.

Yup, should do it

But what about putting it into cool mode?

I copied the rule from the second screenshot in this thread and altered it to make a cool rule. Now there is a trigger for >65 and one for <65.

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So, I worked on this while VPN'd into my house. It has been working pretty well so far. The only thing I can't figure out yet is that it seems to set itself about 2 degrees higher than what I actually set it at (set at 80, and shows 82). Otherwise, it works splendidly.

Is look into the logs as to why it might set itself higher.

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