Rule machine Timer?


I would like to set up a rule for my back door back am unable to figure out how to do it.

If back door contact is open for more than 5 mins. Send push message and or broadcast tts.

I am not sure how to setup a timer, or if its even possible.


Super possible.

Here my setup, just use your time and door




You might want to just put cancel on Truth change into the delay and the repeat. Then you wouldn't need the stop actions. It's built in.


Reading more on the GE switches, I ended up setting my polling based off motion and contact senors like some one else mentioned.


If you don't cancel the repeating action, it will repeat forever. Setting the polling for the device won't really affect Rule Machine's timing, it will just speed up the truth change.


This is how I have it setup.


You are refreshing them, not polling them. That is two different things. Why not just use the built in z-wave poller app? Also, are these GE Z-wave Plus switches or regular Z-wave switches?


These are the regular. My plus switches update fine. What is the difference between refresh and poll? I just want to know if they are on/off if the switch was pressed physically.