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Hi I'm trying to create a rule but I'm having some issues with the rule. I'm trying to create a rule for my bathroom when having shower and using a water leak sensor to trigger it. I'd like to do some actions when it's wet but after that I was thinking of there's anyways to stop rule machine to run again for like 3/4 hours. The rule I have works but keeps running till the water leak sensor is dry again and that can take few hours to happen.

It should be easy enough. Take a screenshot of your existing rule and post it so that we can see what to add.

Usually the easiest way is to use Private boolean.

  • At the top of your rule switch on 'Required Expression' and set the required expression to private boolean is true
  • Make the first action in your rule 'set private boolean false'
  • After your actions add Wait for event, elapsed time, ? hours
  • The very last action will be set private boolean true.

The private boolean starts true and is a requirement for the rule to trigger. As soon as it triggers it gets set to false. That stops it from re triggering until true again. Your actions have your wait time at the end and after that wait the private boolean gets set to true again, ready for the next trigger.

Private Boolean True as a required condition, first action set false, last action set true is the easiest way to ensure a rule only triggers once and cannot retrigger until all actions have completed.


A good example of why a single toggle to achieve this same outcome would be great... Just an aside...


‘Prevent re-trigger until actions complete’


Exactly... But let's not get too distracted by the future improvements :wink:

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Thank you for help and meant to say that I'm pretty new to hubitat and although I'm doing OK I'm really stuck to this and realised I'm totally off to achieve what I wanted. I'm attaching a screenshot of so you can maybe help and would really appreciate it if you could send me a image as well of what I have to do exctaly

Thank you

I've sent you a screenshot what I have in mind if you could try to fix that for me and give me an exemple of how it should be I'd really appreciate it

Looks like you're not getting anything from your bathroom presence sensor. Does that actually support humidity?

As to the water sensor, do you actually want that wet?


It does support Humidity only issue is that takes awhile for it to report the real status.
Basically what I'm trying to achieve is when the water Sensor is wet run the actions then wait for the the motion detected that there no motion for let's say 2 minutes the run the others actions and once that's done I don't want that same rule to run again for like 1 hour if it's triggered by the water Sensor is wet