Rule Machine/Simple Lighting Feature Request


Perhaps an expert can tell me if this capability currently exists.
(If so, please excuse my ignorance).

As many have noticed, all of those "routines" that we used to have in SmartThings, that we used to run by pushing a button on a screen of routines, have been replaced by "virtual devices". These virtual devices are used to "run" HE apps. Many people here, (myself included), have been setting the "virtual devices" through their google home/alexa. "Turn on Test30", is a common one in my house.

I just noticed that the "motion lighting" built in app, has an automatic creation of a "virtual device" to do just that:

Control with Alexa or Google Home using this name
You can also specify a name you wish to use for control of these lights using Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Select a name that is clear and easy for your voice assistant to understand.

Can we have this same type of option in Rule Machine, and also in Simple Lighting?

Does anyone out there agree/disagree that this would be a great new feature to Rule Machine/Smart Lighting?


I can see having an option to create a virtual device from a simple lighting rule, but I'm not sure such an option can work in a reasonable way for RM. You're typically selecting a device to actuate something in a RM rule. It's not necessarily a light, like it is with Motion Lighting or Simple Lighting. So if it's from Alexa or GH you want to trigger a RM rule, then you trigger a virtual switch (with a 1 second auto-off enabled in its device details) from the voice assistant and that is trigger for your RM rule.