Rule Machine - setting variables at values pulled from other variables

Hi all, I am trying to set up a rule that does the following:

  • If my office window is open, the office TVR is set to 5.0 degrees C ('heatingSetpoint' variable)
  • If my office window is closed, the office TVR is set back to what it was before ('scheduledSetpoint')

Is there a way to assign value to a variable pulled from another variable..?


Hmm, unless I am looking in a wrong place, I don't seem to have an option to 'Set Variable' in my dropdown.

I've also tried 'setHeatingSetpoint(scheduledSetpoint()) on T - Office' but was only able to set the 'setHeatingSetpoint' variable to 'scheduledSetpoint()' as a string, which obviously doesn't do anything...

Have you defined any variables?

I haven't, because my intention is to use / work only with the variables already available for that device. I want to be able to take the value from 'scheduledSetpoint', chuck it into the 'setHeatingSetpoint' bit that in turn will update the 'heatingSetpoint' variable.

Or am I thinking about this in a wrong way and what's described as 'Current States' are not what I would call a variable?

Those are not variables -- they are device attributes. In RM you can put one of those values into a local or global RM variable, and would need to do so to do anything with it.


EDIT: Never mind, I'm an idiot. Was picking a wrong device. Let me try that -- I think I'm getting somewhere. Thanks for bearing with me.

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I just deleted a message detailing how I was still not figuring out how this local variable stuff worked when I finally found the post I had found previously that reminded me I actually need to READ the screen. That whole "Create Local Variable" thing that shows up at rule creation. Pretty self explanatory. Y'know... if you read it.... sigh.... my brain....

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