Rule Machine & Security Keypad Help


You may want to reduce that wait time if you're going to add one. 30 seconds to stand in front of the door before you can do anything is quite long.

There are other routers that can do the WiFi presence, and there's a project for that one here somewhere. I didn't look closely at it because it's not a need for me since it's a built-in feature.


@Ryan780 & @SmartHomePrimer

Wanted to thank both of you. I think I have it all working. Obviously won't know until I see it fail.

The keypad now successfully locks and unlocks the door, or can set the alarm/ lock the door. It doesn't show the current status, but really doesn't need to.

Then when I arrive home, for the next 3 minutes, waving your hand within a few inches of the keypad will unlock the door and shut off the alarm. If you leave the area or the 3 minutes is up, it stops the motion access. If during that three minutes it accidentally sees motion (or someone else sets it off on accident) it will wait for the door to open, if it doesn't, then in about 15 seconds it relocks the door and puts the alarm back to it's previous state. Plus it notifies me while all this is going on (I'll likely cut down on notifications once I trust it).

Couldn't do it without you two. Thank you!