Rule Machine rule somehow got stuck on "REPEAT"

Is repeat a rule status like "Stopped" and "Pause" are?
If so, how does a rule get on that status (asking so I can prevent it getting stuck).
If not, read on....

I have an RM rule to lower a shade at sunset. The shade did not always respond to the signal, so I have the rule repeating 6 times, 0.25 seconds apart then ending.

The rule has been working fine for several weeks. Then all of a sudden, no matter what I did at other times, even with the shade remote control, the shade would lower. I thought something was wrong with the shade for about 2 days. I happened to check on HE and saw in apps, after the rule entry, in parenthesis, was "Repeat".

  • HE triggers the shade closing command via HE RM
  • Sometimes I trigger the shade closing command early via the android app

How would a rule that is supposed to repeat 6 times, every 0.25 seconds, so run for a total of 1.5 seconds, get stuck on repeat for 2 days?

On the surface, my guess would be that something caused the hub to miss the cutoff and that somehow turned into the rule never ending.

OK, is there a way to prevent it from getting stuck?
Turns out there is an extremely low HAF when a Household member is presses "Open" in the morning on the handheld remote, and it starts to open but then immediately closes again, and it repeats that no matter what they do....

It it's a one-off occurrence, then I wouldn't sweat it, but I would enable logging for the RM rule. Now that you know to look out for it, if it happens again, you'll have the log data to help identify the cause to then prevent it from occurring again.

I presume that the only trigger for the rule in the time, yeah?

Sunset is the only trigger for RM.
However, as noted, occasionally there are irregular household ops, which usually results in me triggering the close action (but not the actual rule) from the android app on my phone, but this would not coincide with the RM trigger - usually at least 10 mins or more earlier. There may be times someone uses the remote to lower the shade, but again, it does not coincide with the rule trigger.

Enabled for events, triggers and actions. Thanks.

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