Rule machine rule broke at end of month

This rule uses two local variables to complete some math daily to set a global variable. On April 30th it was working just fine. May 1st it stopped. Is there any way to save this rule, or am I stuck building it again for the third time? How can I prevent this from happening?

Perhaps load a backup from when it was working, export it and then reload it after loading back current setup.

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I'll give that a try tonight.
For context the rule works as follows:
Everyday at xx time set localvariable1 to sensor value
Set globalvariable to localvariable1 - localvariable2
Set localvariable2 to sensor value

It's a fairly basic rule to measure the daily difference of a sensor value. Not sure why it keeps breaking.


Rebuilt the rule. Immediately broke as soon as I install it.


It would be helpful if you could take a screenshot of the logs when this breaks. There will be an error message, and I need to see that.

I setup a rule just like yours and it doesn't fail. This makes me wonder what else is going on with your hub that might cause this failure. "multiple points" is not a Rule Machine error message.

Thanks for looking into this for me. The log shows this. I didn't post it earlier as I didn't think it would show anything in the log.

Are all 3 of your variables Decimal? Please turn on Action Logging to show which action blows up.

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