Rule Machine - Refresh / Polling Bug?

It looks like there's a bug in Rule Machine or in the Generic Z-Wave Central Scene drivers for switches and lights.

In Rule Machine, I'm trying to set up a simple Rule. The Rule triggers on system Startup (Location event: systemStart) and does a Refresh . However, none off my switches and dimmers using the "Generic" drivers appear. However, so of my dimmers and switches using third-party drivers do appear.

There's a similar problem if I were to choose "Poll" as the action rather than Refresh.

I assume this is a bug in the "Generic Z-Wave CentralScene Dimmer" drier or in "Generic Z-Wave CentralScene Switch" but it could be a bug in Rule Machine.

In either case, I'd appreciate this being fixed.

Update - I looked at Hubitat's "genericZWaveCentralSceneDimmer.groovy" driver on their github site and found that this can be fixed in the drivers by adding the following capabilities:
capability "Polling"
capability "Refresh"
I put in a "Pull Request" on github for this.

This seems like an easy one to fix. Can someone at Hubitat confirm/fix this in the default (i.e., included in the firmware) drivers? For consistency on the user interface, this should probably be checked in all the Z-Wave drivers. Thanks.

Also, the "Start Z-Wave poll on switches" and related "Start Z-Wave poll on dimmers" actions all show an empty set of switches (or dimmers). This certainly seems incorrect. Maybe another driver issue?

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