Rule Machine Question

Trying to create a rule for a bathroom shower exhaust fan. Have a iris sensor that does temp/humidity/motion.

I thought the rule would be simple but somehow my logic is flawed:

Turn on the fan if motion is detected or the humidity is above 75%.
Turn off the fan when the motion is inactive and the humidity is below 75% after a delay of 5 min.

My logic is the fan is on longer if someone is in the shower and only on for 5 minutes if they are just using the toilet.

Fan turns on with motion but never turns off after the RH drops below 75%. Can monitor the logs and see the sensor report out less than 75%

Here is a rule I have which turns my exhaust fan on if humidity goes above a certain value.
In the rule definition you could use an OR for motion detection to turn on the fan.
Humidity above 75
Motion is active.
In my rule it also evalutes some lighting rule which you can ignore.

Implemented and works great - thanks

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